The Money System

A special RP money system was created for South Italy by Lunemorte Dayafter. Special rules apply with the use of this system.

1. The "Central Bank Credit Card" is to be used exclusisvely in South Italy - Dark RP CCS SIM (Twilight Zone) and affiliate sims: The Maze (Cloudy Zone), Ocean Zone and Myth Zone.

2. No trade for Linden $ will be tolerated. This is a mere roleplay money.

3. No trade for experience will be tolerated either.

4. Everyone starts with 400 Liras. The use of the credit card is limited to one avatar. The use of an alt to get more money is not tolerated.

5. The credit card being a roleplay tool, any cheating linked to the card will be punished as godmoding.

6. There are only 3 managers for the system. Those can add/remove money from your account and they have admin rights on the central bank. They are: Nabuco Zapedzki, Lunemorte Dayafter and Tanaquil Beaumont.

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