South Italy RP Background

South Italy is a small southern Italian coastal town. A little harbour dominates the town center, bordered by businesses such as bar, restaurants, bank or police station A church, the ruins of a Roman era arena and two beaches are just some of the features a tourist will discover.

Though lovely looking, the town is far from being safe. It is largely runned by mafia families struggling to get control over organized crime in the area, not to forget about the freshly arrived Commissario from Roma to put some order in the streets and the General Hospital staff bounded by Hoppocratic Oath to help everyone. Ordinary citizens, shopkeepers and such, will find themselves torn between loyalties.

Nothing in South Italy is what it looks like. When you enter a shop, always ask yourself what its owner's real business is, and who that owner is… but be extra careful if you really want to discover the secrets, for you might regret it very soon.

Several families are competing to make their business flourish but they all have to refer to the real boss of the city: the Don, an old and enigmatic person. Though discrete, he rules over South Italy with a iron hand. Think twice about it before asking for his help, for nothing is ever gratuitous. And if he ever summons you, he is probably going to make you an offer you cannot refuse…

So far, the Don has allowed only some families in South Italy. If another one ever wants to settle here, it is going to have to get a special authorization and all have to accept the Don's law. When you arrive in town, you may either try to enter one of the allowed families or run your business as an independant, and in this case, you will be all alone, don't count on your families and friends from other cities or the Don will have to take care of them.

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